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AllCarPartsFast It is my therapy! It’s fun, entertaining and helps build my confidence. It leaves me smiling all the way home. I thoroughly enjoy being a member of the choir, I have made lots of new friends. I love to sing and be part of that wonderful sound. It is such ECC has become part of my life…

I have never sung in a choir before, but have always enjoyed singing. My voice is not particularly good, but as it’s the only one I’ve got I’m going to use it! I know that I sing far better with the choir than on my own. The others ‘raise me up to more than I can be’. Everyone is so friendly, I love being in the choir.

I am very proud to be a member of the choir I WILL KEEP COMING BECAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY

Since joining the choir I have made many friends and very much enjoy our rehearsals. Dan deserves a medal for his good-natured leadership and patience. He has exactly the right approach to a community choir, always making it fun and relaxed. Thank you to everyone involved in running and organising ECC. These organisations don’t work unless there is an enthusiastic and hardworking group of dedicated people behind them.

" I moved into the area in January of this year and from my initial email contact to actually turning up for my first Tuesday evening rehearsal, no-one could have been more welcoming or friendly. I would encourage anyone to come along. You are guaranteed a very warm welcome"